Help & FAQs

Have a question about our streaming service or experiencing technical difficulties? See our most frequently asked questions below.

Which Matches Are Eligible For Live Streaming?
Video streams will be available for all home National League North fixtures and select cup games.

Each home club can choose whether to stream their games so we are unable live stream away games on Quaker TV. For away match live streaming please see our opposition’s website for coverage details.

I’m A Season Card Holder, Do I Get A Free Pass?
Season Ticket holders & 500 Club members for Season 20/21 will receive free streaming for any home National League North fixture which they are unable to attend due matches being played behind closed doors. Cup matches are not covered by your Season Card.

Season Ticket & 500 Club members will access the free video streaming using voucher codes, which will be distributed in due course and can be applied above.

Season ticket holders / 500 Club - Lost / forgotten your voucher code?

  1. Use your Fan Id & Surname to look up your voucher code:
  2. Alternatively, your voucher code is listed in your YourClub account:

Still stuck? Email

Log in issues to QuakerTV?
Please note QuakerTV accounts & YourClub accounts are separate, they do not share log in details.

To watch QuakerTV go to

  1. Please watch this how-to guide video from 4 minutes 30 seconds onwards for registration / log in / voucher process:
  2. Forgotten your password? On the QuakerTV log in screen click "Forgot password?" & follow the instructions

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Inputting your QuakerTV voucher code:

  1. Log into QuakerTV
  2. On the screen with the credit card image, just above the credit card image click “add voucher”
  3. Enter your voucher code in full and with correct upper/lower capitals. Until your code is entered correctly and in full the screen will display “Invalid voucher code”

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Logged into your QuakerTV account and live stream is not working?
QuakerTV starts streaming approximately 15 minutes ahead of kick off. If your video isn’t displaying after this time then please refresh your screen.

If you continue to have issues please contact InPlayer Support.

What Devices Does The Streaming Work On?
The live stream can be accessed across desktop, tablet and mobile devices with up-to-date browsers. You have the ability to cast or airplay the stream from your device to your TV.

If you are unsure whether your technology will be supported, check the Inplayer support site. Your browser should be one of the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.

Can I Watch The Matches On Demand?
This facility is not available at launch but may be added at a future date.

Can I listen to Darlo Fans Radio audio commentary rather than watch the live stream?
Yes, full details on how to do this can be found here.

Do I need an account?
Yes - all supporters need to create an account the first time you use QuakerTV. Once you’ve clicked on the Buy button, select the SIGN UP option to create your account. It’s a simple process with email address and full name required.

Once registered you will be able to log in for future games using your email address and password.

Still having issues? Please check the Inplayer support site